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Our Favorite Sex Toys

The sex toy industry is a $15 billion one, with 50 percent of women reporting that they tried their very first sex toy in their 20s. This isn’t just great news for companies who are constantly coming up with the next best sex-related toy, but great news for humanity: we’re becoming more open-minded about sex toys as a society — and about trying out all different types of products.

There are literally THOUSANDS of brands and sex toys. What’s Your Favorite?

Greetings From Klamath Falls, Oregon!

Welcome to Intimate Tickles & My Favorite Product Page!

Although I love ALL the products in our Intimate Tickles catalog, these are the top 4 products that I hope you will take a look at...
    Nothing creates a relaxed, sensual mood better than stripping down for a massage. Whether it's mutual or one of you takes the lead as head masseur, just turn down the lights, put on some soft mus... Read More
    Non-sticky, great smelling massage oil. Let your senses run wild for the pair of you to enjoy in a variety of scents to calm or invigorate.

    Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oil $20.00

    All natural Bisabolol extract from the chamomile plant makes this the perfect silicone glide for relaxing anal sex.  It has been used for hundreds of years in skin remedies because of its sk... Read More
    Add a little help to your anal play.

    Intimate Earth Ease Glide $23.00

    Enjoy the tease of cool sensations from the ancient secret of the Far East. The sensual and sleek Glass Ben Wa balls are a perfect balance of form and function. The glass Ben Wa Balls are two matching... Read More
    Keep those muscles tight with a little class. Trouble with an accident after a good laugh or even a sneeze? Let these help you to rebuild muscles that can make you embarrassed at times that are suppos

    Flowery Ben Wa Balls $18.00

    Fresh picked for purposeful pleasure, Cherry Kegel Balls set includes a handful of silky, creatively shaped vaginal weights designed to help improve pelvic floor strength and maximize sexual wellness.... Read More
    Want a little more control? Or would it be fun to deny your partner from entering when they want to? Take a gander at these and gain the control and confidence to wow your partner.

    Cherry Kegel Balls $70.00